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About us

PhytoConsultores is a Spanish action-focused, results-oriented strategic consulting company exclusively dedicated to the Pharmacological Cannabis and Pharmaceutical Laboratories market.

With more than 50 years of scientific experience in the laboratory, the objective of PhytoConsultores is to provide our clients with the necessary information on medicinal and pharmaceutical cannabinoids. Our scientific organization was conceived to provide control and a guarantee service to the medical cannabis industry. The main mission of PhytoConsultores, as a national leader in Ethical Laboratory Practices and Testing and Analysis Practices, is to establish quality standards within the Laboratory sector. Our vision is to identify, analyze and recommend appropriate analytical methods to ensure consistent results based on validated Cannabinoid Testing and Analysis methods.

Our mission

To be strategic partners, bringing to our clients the strategy and comprehensive knowledge necessary to develop solid, competitive and successful businesses within the pharmaceutical sector of cannabis and pharmaceutical laboratories.

PhytoConsultores is a scientific organization with an advanced focus on the development of cannabinoid testing and analysis methodologies. We always apply strict testing procedures based on consistent results that aid in the development of pure, safe and effective products for patients.

Our scientific organization aims to develop robust standards for the development of cannabis testing and analysis methods. Our purpose is to form innovative collaborations to be leaders in key areas of cannabinoid analysis, as well as the development of new cannabinoid-based products.

PhytoConsultores  supports national and state lobbying / advocacy efforts to change legislation that provides for the appropriate development of regulations and procedures for cannabis testing and testing.


“Our vision: Strive every day to maintain the excellence of our teams in all their processes.”

From the hand of a prestigious human team expert in providing the best solutions in cannabis pharmacological science, optimizing resources and helping to achieve the objectives set with outstanding results.


The attitude of our team, the engine of our momentum. At PhytoConsultores we believe in people and teams that work together, since we are the people, with our attitude, who carry out the actions to achieve the strategic objectives set with excellence. 4 values ​​inspire us every day to continue improving:

1.  Passion: We put our heart and mind in everything we do. 
2.  Commitment: We work to always be useful for our client. 
3.  Persistence: Our team does not rest until reaching the goal. 
4.  Eagerness to excel: We are demanding in the constant search for excellence.

PhytoConsultores is committed to the development of validated and effective protocols for cannabis testing laboratories, a critical element of our Company’s Mission and Vision.

The quality policy of PhytoConsultores is implemented through a comprehensive quality management system. Our performance is always monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure that our standards of conduct meet our high quality expectations for patients and regulators. To fulfill this commitment, PhytoConsultores maintains a company culture focused on quality, to ensure that the application of the use of validated cannabis analysis methods and tests, the safe development of products, the implementation of good laboratory practices, tests and analysis, as well as the quality of the data supported by regulatory input.