What do we do

Development of Clinical Trials with Cannabinoids

Before being launched on the market, during its preparation phase for its commercialization, each pharmacological product is subjected to a long scientific validation process through the development of Clinical Trials and Trials with patients. During this process, each trial is designed and developed under the highest standards of safety and quality in clinical research, one of the specialties of PhytoConsultores. We help your company navigate this complex universe. We accompany you throughout the process, guaranteeing a correct efficient development for each phase and moment. Thanks to a team of 50 medical consultants specialized in the design and development of clinical trials and drugs.

Design, Commissioning and Optimization of Testing and Analysis Laboratories

Design a Testing and Analysis Laboratory. Then approve it, then select the appropriate scientific team to administer it. Each and every one of these are fundamental tasks that ensure the success and credibility of your company. At PhytoConsultores we have been world leaders in the Design and Management of Testing and Analysis Laboratories with cannabinoids for years. With a team of consultants specialized in certificates in Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA / QC), current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), current Good Production Practices (GPP) and in Good Laboratory Practices (cGMP) of pharmaceutical products and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). If you need to improve the efficiency and configuration of your Laboratory, PhytoConsultores puts the staff at your disposal, the experience and validated methods necessary to optimize your Cannabinnoid Testing and Analysis Laboratory, in topics as varied as instrumentation, qualified personnel or validated methods for the Quality Control of cannabis-based products. We provide documentation and consultation to improve your current installation, always respecting compliance with the regulatory code in each jurisdiction where it operates. Ask us how to do it. always respecting compliance with the regulatory code in each jurisdiction where it operates. Ask us how to do it. always respecting compliance with the regulatory code in each jurisdiction where it operates. Ask us how to do it.

GMP Bio Processing. Design and Development of Final Cannabis Medications.

From small laboratories to large industrial production facilities, we advise you with the Design, Construction and Configuration of GMP Cannabis Extraction and Bio Processing Laboratories. At PhytoConsultores we work with the latest technology together with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers. We guarantee the homologation and regulatory compliance of each and every one of the local and national ordinances. With an expert team in setting up spaces for the production of final cannabis medicines. PhytoConsultores puts all its experience at your disposal, in collaboration with the main cannabinoid researchers, clinical trial coordinators and formulation chemists. We help you determine how a final cannabis product should be produced, what will be its most suitable form.

We are experts in the homologation, design and construction of EU GMP certified facilities for the production of Cannabis for pharmaceutical use. Specializing in the management and optimization of Cannabis Cultivars on a large scale, as well as in the isolation and standardization of active principles (THC, CBD, CBN, CBG). With a professional team expert in the design and improvement of  new advanced cultivation techniques: On plant tissues, open field, greenhouse, in-vitro and hydroponic. All our practices and processes are always developed under Standard Operating Procedures  (SOP) and Good Practices in Production and in the  Laboratory.